Cisco Certified Network Professional (ENCOR)

Cisco Certified Network Professional (ENCOR)

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About this Course

Course Description:

CCNP R&S certification is a Professional level certification for candidates trying to wind up plainly guaranteed Routing and Switching advances equipped. After the culmination of CCNP Training, the candidate will have the capacity to design, execute, check and investigate neighborhood and wide-range undertaking Cisco networks. The CCNP R&S Certification preparing bundle comprises of preparing on three differed modules i.e. Course, SWITCH, and TSHOOT explained below:

This preparation module covers top to bottom investigation and reasonable preparing about IP Routing. You will get with ideas like arranging, building and testing safe LAN and WAN arrangements utilizing changed sorts and number of directing conventions like EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IPV6 and so forth.

This preparation module incorporates profound hypothetical and down to earth learning on arranging, building and executing venture exchanging arrangements with the assistance of exchanging innovations like VLAN, STP, VTP, RSTP, MSTP, EtherChannel, GLBP, HSRP, VRRP and so on.

In this module, the hopeful figures out how to investigate and keep up IP networks. This incorporates the use of mechanical yet appropriate ways to deal with investigate different systems.

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Course Content

How to Prepare For Cisco CCNP R&S


IPv4 Explained

IPv4 Header Fields

Introduction to ARP

DHCP Server

DHCP Relay

Introduction to TCP and UDP

ICMP Explained

How to Configure Static Route on Cisco IOS Router

Unicast Flooding Due To Asymmetric Routing

Introduction to Redistribution

Redistribution between RIP and EIGRP

Redistribution between OSPF and RIP

Redistribution Route Tagging

Troubleshooting Metric Redistribution

Troubleshooting AD Redistribution

Introduction to OSPF

OSPF LSAs and LSDB Flooding

OSPF Plain Text Authentication

OSPF MD5 Authentication


OSPF Packets and Neighbor Discovery

OSPF Router ID

OSPF Passive Interface

OSPF DR/BDR Election

How to Configure OSPF Default Route

OSPF Hello and Dead Interval

OSPF Summarization

Introduction to OSPF Stub Areas

How to Configure OSPF Stub Area

How to Configure OSPF Totally Stub

How to Configure OSPF NSSA (Not So Stubby) Area

How to Configure OSPF Totally NSSA (Not So Stubby) Area

OSPF Virtual Link

OSPF LSA Type 3 Filtering

OSPF LSA Type 5 Filtering

OSPF Path Selection Explained

OSPF Distribute-List Filtering

OSPFv3 for IPv4

Introduction to EIGRP

Basic EIGRP Configuration

EIGRP Packets EIGRP Neighbor Adjacency

EIGRP Static Neighbor

EIGRP Neighbor and Topology Table

EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing

How to Configure EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing

EIGRP K Values

EIGRP K Values Configuration

EIGRP Hold Time and Hello Packets

EIGRP Summarization

EIGRP Auto-Summary

EIGRP Authentication

EIGRP Default Network Route


EIGRP Route-Map Filtering


Administrative Distance

CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding)

PBR (Policy Based Routing)

Introduction to BGP

How to Configure EBGP (External BGP)

EBGP Multihop

IBGP (Internal BGP) Explained

BGP Private and Public AS Numbers

How to Read the BGP Table

How to Advertise Networks in BGP

BGP Auto-Summary

IBGP Next Hop Self

BGP Neighbor Adjacency States

BGP Messages

BGP Weight Attribute

BGP Local Preference

BGP AS Path and Prepending

BGP Origin Code

BGP MED (Metric) Attribute

BGP Regular Expressions

BGP Filtering With Regular Expressions

BGP Soft Reconfiguration

BGP Route Refresh Capability

Introduction to IPv6

Shortening IPv6 Addresses

How to Find the IPv6 Prefix

IPv6 Address Types

IPv6 Address Assignment Example

How to Configure IPv6 Static Routing

How to Configure IPv6 RIPNG

How to Configure IPv6 EIGRP

How to Configure IPv6 OSPF

IPv6 Redistribution between RIPNG and OSPFv3

IPv6 Tunneling Over IPv4

Introduction to NAT and PAT

How to Configure Static NAT

How to Configure Dynamic NAT

How to Configure PAT

GRE Tunneling

Introduction to CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

Standard Access-List

Extended Access-List



NTP (Network Time Protocol)

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